Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Part 1

Our last day began with a morning stroll around the area of our hotel, enjoying this very beautiful and pleasant area. After lunch, the bus picked us up at the hotel and we headed to the quaint baroque town of Szentendre, the former Renaissance capital of Visegrad in the Borzony Mountains overlooking the Danube Bend.
Then, we continued to Visegrad, where we visited a Renaissance Castle followed by a Medieval Show. The day ended with a great dinner in the Renaissance Restaurant, a very unique place where the food and drinks were served in a complete Medieval atmosphere. It was a very pleasant and appropriate ending to our journey in Hungary.
The following morning a mini bus picked some of us and took us to the airport, from where we flew back to Frankfurt in Germany. A few hours hours later we flew back to Boston .... tired, but full of great memories from all these places we visited.

Returning to our Hotel for a brief rest before leaving to Szentendre.

A picture with Jan, our Tour Manager

Baroque Town of Szentendre

Visiting the Renaissance Castle at Visegrad

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